1. So I been shooting in Berlin and Venice for the last two weeks, shoot 22 rolls of film which i will get processed and hopefully there will be some keepers but i also shot digital and here is a small raw preview from Venice. (all digital and analog keepers will be uploaded very soon)


  2. Black and White Berlin, again inspired by Streetzen


  3. On my way to Berlin now and straight after it’s Venice time


  4. I recently shot a very shoot concert of a band called Nava and i really liked working with them so it will probably happen again very soon but first thing first, next week i shall be going to Berlin and Venice and can’t decide on what to bring


  5. blufflife has been updated. take a look


  6. Remind to never use these two words again: Artsy and Hipster Anyway I wanted to buy some new equipment for some time ago so last week i spend a little more money than i had, i bought a iPhone 5C, a Konica FPS with a 40mm 1.8 Heaxanon, a Batterygrib for my 5D and a Leica M4-P mint* with 35mm Summicron (Yes I’m one of them now) The Leica has never left my hip since i bought it, it’s simple the best!


  7. Good news… Film is back! now i will no longer only shoot digital. I have 3 pretty rolls of Superia waiting to be scanned and I just brought a shit load of Pan F+ 50! Portra 160 and Portra 400 just wanting to be shoot


  8. So last night a fire started in the house next door and i was standing on my balcony and then suddenly 3 firetrucks, 3 police cars and 4 ambulance arrived, so i just went down there and had a look. It was very shocking for me because everything is so safe around me and there is never any crime where i live. just down there when i arrived, 3 people had just been pulled out of the fire with smoke inhalation poison and i think one them was very badly injured also a fireman’s clothes caught fire witch i didn’t even think was possible. it was so surreal.


  9. Jesus christ you’re a sweetie


  10. Another edit inspired of Streetzen


  11. Planning for on buying some new equipment for my next travels but can’t decide on what to buy


  12. Re-upload of the B&W film from Budapest


  13. China 2013 - Pentax ME Super


  14. BUDAPEST inspired by Streetzen